Design : The New Bohemian Chic

Working with a client on a home refresh project – updating a window treatment, reupholstering seating and creating new throw pillow covers – I am thrilled at the opportunity to dive headlong into their preferred style: Bohemian Chic. A style that thrives on the concept that “more is more,” Bohemian Chic allows its proponents to reflect their often creative, eclectic personalities throughout the decor of their home. Often, as is the case with my clients, fans of the look are also world travelers who collect a lot of different decorative items for display purposes.
” . . . la vie Bohéme . . . “
Below, inspired by my clients’ brightly colored art and collectibles, we’re expanding on a predominant color scheme of orange-red, white and blue. In addition, we’re intentionally reacting to the “more is more” credo of the Bohemian Chic look by adding decorative tassel fringe to the inside edge of each stationary panel and a multi-hued, blue braided lip cord on the throw pillow cases made from a bold blue, orange-red and white striped fabric. The bold red circles on a blue and white background will round out a reupholstered lounge chair while the multi-colored, striped fabric to be used on a single chair seat ties in all of the colors found throughout the home.
If you, too, are a fan of Bohemian Chic, you’ll want to mix new and old items together. For example, a freshly-painted white wall filled with lots of artwork creates the perfect backdrop for the Bohemian Chic look. Remember to fill the overall space with art, furniture and soft lights. If you find it a challenge to strike the right balance between “too little” and “too much,” call on an interior designer to help you sort out the look.
Well, until next time, I hope you and yours continue to enjoy a fun, happy and healthy summer. I know I am.



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