The Origin of MANIFEST


Seeking a forum where men share their life experiences through words, pictures and dialog in a fresh, authentic manner, I decided to write my own blog to fill a void. Though I discovered a number of men’s lifestyle sites, I did not find any that really brought together under one roof, so to speak, a variety of topics that provided discussions about culture that included topics such as interior design, architecture, style, photography, travel and music, for example. And, though not meant to address every possible interest of today’s modern man, my goal with MANIFEST is to introduce and dialog about a number of cultural and spiritual pursuits. Hopefully, MANIFEST encourages men to explore and embrace the diverse realm of individual experiences we each, well, experience.

For example, I included the photo of me above, taken recently on the final evening of a three and a half day trip to Cuba to learn more about its people and culture, to demonstrate the sense of joy and awareness one can experience by traveling out of one’s comfort zone to a foreign land. I’ll have more to share on the experiences I had there in later posts, but suffice it to say for now that I only wish for you the same opportunities to walk wide-eyed into a new world. One of the greatest experiences I enjoy whenever I travel to another city, country or continent is finding the common ground between me and my foreign peers. Common ground binds us together and reminds us we are all fundamentally the same.

Soon I plan to share more of my own personal experiences in the world – and the shared and separate experiences of others – in an effort to continue to find that common ground, till it, fertilize it, plant within it and watch the fruit of our collective experience grow and flourish. In the meantime, we will each continue to move through our individual worlds engaging in new experiences, celebrating old traditions and sometimes just “being” in the moment alone or with a good friend or two. And those moments – when we’re all stripped of pretense – are the moments to strive for I suggest.

So, until my next MANIFESTation, go forth and be well and enjoy . . . I am.

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